DIY Bike Repair Review

by admin on February 5, 2013

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Product Name : DIY Bike Repair

Program Author : Dave Delgado

Price : $47.00 or $96.95 or $97.00

Money Back Guarantee : YES – 60 Days Unconditional

DIY Bike Repair is a comprehensive program developed by Dave Delgado; a passionate cycler and a racer of road, motocross and mountain bikes. He has also authored many articles in biking magazines and cycling publications. With his immense knowledge and experience he has designed this program to help you repair, maintain and upgrade your bike by yourself and save a lot of money.  This DIY Bike Repair review will give you a complete idea of the program, its pros and cons and help to confirm whether it will really work for you.

DIY Bike Repair contains comprehensive training course, manuals and bike repair videos that provide you step by step guidance to fix, maintain and upgrade any bicycle. This program covers all the bikes, including road, mountain and race. This ensures you get the best guidance to repair your bike. DIY Bike Repair lets you learn all repair procedures, from the easiest to the most complicated ones.  You can learn the important techniques of bike repair mechanics easily and quickly; no matter whether you are a novice or a professional in this subject. It provides you with the right answers and solutions to all your questions and reveals the short cuts to repair your bike by yourself effortlessly and quickly.  The program includes photos and detailed specifications that make your learning process uncomplicated. You can learn what tools to use and how to use them to fix the problems. By understanding the techniques and learning the secret mechanics, you can save hundreds of dollars and time in repairing and upgrading your bike.

DIY bike repair includes detailed step by step 200 video series that will guide you through the process of learning to repair the bike. This would appear like a personal trainer guiding you through the process. It gives you the flexibility and convenience of choosing and skipping topics according to your wish. The book is broken into several chapters; each explaining various mechanical systems of the bicycle. This book also teaches you on the technologies and tools involved in fixing the problems. You can learn the tricks and secrets that are usually never revealed by the professional bike repair shops. This can help you fix any type of problem with your bike.

DIY Bike Repair Pros and Cons:


  • DIY Bike Repair is very easy to follow. Dave explains each and every step in detail. The guide makes it possible to gain years of experience and knowledge within a few hours.
  • It is a complete bike repair and maintenance guide that is accompanied by informative and interesting videos. It also contains clear photos that let you understand the repair techniques in detail.
  • DIY bike repair is a perfect guide for both beginners and seasoned mechanics.  The step by step guidance makes it easy for the beginner to understand the basics. An experienced mechanic can learn some new techniques that can hone his skills.
  • It covers all types of bikes and bike mechanics from choosing the right tools to working on the power train.
  • The book offers great value for your money. Bike repair is not only a hobby, but a helpful skill that could save you a lot of time and money. You can also customize your bike the way you want.
  • DIY bike repair comes with 100% money back guarantee. If you are not happy, you can get your money back.
  • You can get free lifetime updates that give you an assurance to keep any bike in top condition.
  • With the expert guidance, you can enjoy the fun of fixing and upgrading your bike.  You can learn to adjust your bike to your riding style. This helps increase your performance and pleasure.


Checks and money orders are not accepted. If you want to buy DIY bike repair, you need to pay through credit card or Pay Pal. However, this can help you get immediate shipment.

The book has many details. You need to have the patience to read it fully so that you can get the best possible results. Nevertheless, the book allows you to skip some chapters and just learn what you want to.


If you order DIY bike repair right now, you can get cool bonus- bicycle tune-up secrets and tips worth $125. The bonus book provides you with a lot of tips and tricks that can help improve your biking experience. You can learn how to unleash the hidden potential of your bike. You can also learn many preventive maintenance techniques that can help keep your bike in the best condition possible.

DIY Bike Repair Overwrite

DIY bike repair lets you learn everything about bike repair, maintenance and upgrade. The step by step instructions helps you learn how to fix and maintain your bike like a professional. The video tutorials offer a lot of tips that can be used by newbie and veteran bike mechanics alike. The book contains colour photos that let you understand which tools to use to fix a specific problem clearly. You can download the book effortlessly after making your purchase. It comes with exciting bonus that is worth more than the original price.

Final Conclusion

DIY bike repair pays for itself several times over by giving you the best guidance and instructions on fixing your own repairs. Dave has written in the book in a clear and easy to understand manner that helps anyone to learn about bike mechanics without any difficulty. It is a must for anyone who is serious about biking. It comes with money back guarantee and you need not worry about losing your money. Understanding your bike mechanics, knowing to adjust it to suit to your preference and the style of riding apart from keeping it in great condition can help improve your mountain biking and motocross racing performance. It is more effortless to learn and implement what you have learned, if you have some expert like Dave on your side to explain complicated concepts and to provide friendly advice.

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